September 7th, 2020 – Labor Day Car Cruise

Getting Set for Car Cruise
On On Labor Day 7 September 2020, approximately 40 classic cars went on a car cruise from Natick, through Sherborn, Dover, Natick, Framingham, Wayland ending up at JT' Northside. It was a sight to see and the scenery during the ride was beautiful. Every class of vehicle was represented from the 30's through the moderns., highlighted by a fantastic 1950 Ferrari 195 Inter a sports car produced as a Grand Tourer (GT) version of the Ferrari 195 S racer. It was fresh from a full restoration and looked AWESOME.

The Modifiers Car Club was well represented with over 14 members participating. The starting time for assembling cars at the Cole Center was 9:30am but the parking lot was crowed well before that time. Everyone was pumped to get their cars out, see their friends and get ready to start their engines. The excitement in the parking lot was accentuated when a small private plane buzzed the place twice just feet over the trees. Everyone held their breath on the second and closest pass.

The ride was mostly over narrow secondary roads through picturesque homes and fields. Eventually we made it back to Natick and north to Wayland then west along route 20 and over to JT's Northside in Framingham where everyone parked their cars and enjoyed the atmosphere, food and ice cream. If you closed your eyes it brought back memories of car gatherings at Riley's in the late 1990's.

Well enjoy the video and let's hope this becomes a regular event and maybe we can have one more before the winter arrives

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