Showstopper Henry J

The Henry J was an American automobile built by the Kaiser-Frazer Corporation and named after its chairman, Henry J. Kaiser. Production of six-cylinder models began in July 1950, and four-cylinder production started shortly after Labor Day, 1950. Official public introduction was September 28, 1950. The car was marketed through 1954.

Kaiser’s effort to boost sales in the low-priced market segment by adding a small car to its product offer came at a time when consumers were demanding big cars. Management decided to discontinue the car at the end of the 1953 model year

The Henry J spotted on the road in Framingham, MA has received several pretigous awards from the AAACA to include: Grand National Winner First Prize (2016)   and the National First Prize (1990).

The goal was to attract “less affluent buyers who could only afford a used car” and the attempt became a pioneering American compact car. To accomplish this, the Henry J was designed to carry the fewest possible components, and built from the fewest parts. To save body stamping costs, early Henry Js did not have rear trunk lids; owners had to access the trunk by folding down the rear seat. Another cost-saving measure was to offer the car only as a two-door sedan with fixed rear windows. Also lacking in the basic version were glove compartment, armrests, passenger-side inside sun visor and flow-through ventilation.

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