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You can only have a car original once. This 1967 Mustang fastback lives by that credo.

By Rob Staple

The Ghost 67 Fastback Mustang survivor

You can only be original once is the phrase you have probably heard a million times. Now what’s the important thing behind that phrase is the fact that factory original cars, cars that are still the way they rolled off the factory assembly line when they were born, are quite rare.

The fastback in ’67 itself is not rare, they made 71,000 of those cars, thousands of them still survive and it’s not hard to find one, now finding one that is a true survivor that is substantially the way it came from the factory and has not been restored… Now that’s a rare thing!

Finding one of those that is also a GT model that’s something even much rarer, it would be a fraction of the entire population of those cars made and still surviving. We have one right here, it is a 1967 mustang fastback factory GT and it’s substantially the way it came from the factory, it’s un-restored and well preserved. When you look at the paint it tells the story. The interior, engine bay, trunk and the undercarriage appear to be direct from the factory. You can see that patina that only comes with the earned decades of use. Preserved cars are becoming all the more popular these days and are finally getting the attention they deserve.

It’s had a little paint work mostly to spruce up the interior. The headliner and carpet are completely original, and the engine bay is presented much like it was when it left the factory as is the trunk and the undercarriage. It’s been very well preserved, there’s been no attempt to restore this car. It remains in fantastic condition for a 55-year-old Mustang.

This particular ’67 Fastback GT is distinct in many ways, very rare to find a C code 289 cid 2-barrel carburetor GT with a three-speed manual. This was the only year you could order a GT with these options, making it a super rare, super special car.

I’m the second owner. The car was manufactured in Dearborn, Michigan, but the Ghost spent most of its life in Wichita, Kansas. Originally owned by decorated Korean War Veteran, Chief Master Sergeant Donald Dean Neal. It was preserved after his passing in 2007. The original owner drove from Kansas to South Dakota which would explain the uniform paint wear. The car was purchased from Michael Chance at who only sells cars of the highest quality. It was found by a bird-dog of his that finds the rarest cars. The car will be preserved in its current condition with only minor cosmetic attention for preservation purposes. 


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